Join the fun!

  • Visit the Aitutaki Marine Resarch Centre to see giant clams over 1 m long and weigh over 250 kg (500 lbs!).
  • Learn about the biology and ecology of reef ecosystems and why your help in restoring them is so important.
  • Gain hands-on experience restoring a marine ecosystem by preparing / planting corals and clams directly on a reef.
  • Information is presented in simple, non-scientific terms for ages 5 to 95.
  • Get free eductional materials to share with others or use for class assignments about coral reef ecology.
  • We’ll take photos of you working with corals and clams to share with friends, or post on Your Gallery for all to see.
  • All you need is a towel and jandals. If you have a camera, Smart phone or tablet, that would be great!
  • The restoration experience lasts 1+ hours. We request donations of $9.50 per person. Kids under 12 are free.